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Tired of seeing your old boring tiles and want to get more from them? Transforming your old floors into looking good as new is easy with less maintenance.

If you are considering revamping your floors without the hassle of chipping everything off, then you might as well consider decorative concrete resurfacing. It’s convenient and is cost-effective.

Decorative concrete resurfacing is a method that brings out most from your existing floor. It uses new technologies and treatments to transform the existing surface into what you prefer it to be. The existing surface can be treated, or you could lay down a new surface over the old one. The choice is all up to you. Your driveway, patio, porch, garage floor, swimming pool, stairways, balcony floor at home or commercial space car park, office, driveway, even retail shops floor can be totally transformed and have a whole new appearance.

Though before the overlaying process, the tiles should be prepped first. Identify the type of tiles you have. If you have a glazed and non-porous or porous tiled floor our approach and materials for preparation are totally different.

Aside from the type of tiles you have, the thickness of the overlay should also be considered. It is important, so the results will be good. If the overlay is too thin, grout lines may appear through the material and can totally ruin the appearance of the floor. If the grout lines are too deep, consider filling in a mortar or self-leveling or grinding into the grout lines to achieve a level surface.

Concrete Resurfacing

Once that everything’s okay and ready, it’s time to make things happen! The process consists of a combination of different methods. It covers various resurfacing overlays and concretes to choose from.

  • Spray texture is a popular concrete resurfacing choice which consists of an acrylic coating that is non-slip and cool surface. It is perfect for your pool deck, patios, and even on your driveway. This can be stamped with a pattern of your desired design.
  • Stained concrete is often made in combination with etching and acid stains. It offers a wide range of colors, or you could customize your own. This one is a popular alternative to hardwood floors.
  • Epoxy flooring is often used on garage floors and you could check out more here about Garage Flooring Coating. It is a two-part coating and as you may know, is resistant to most types of damage. What most people and flooring specialists like about it is that it provides a seamless look or flake finish on your flooring and it is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Polyurea coating is quite similar to epoxy though is mostly recommended on high traffic surfaces. It is also a two-part material but cures in just a few hours.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing on Tiles

Some people are still hesitant to just laying something over the old dull tiles instead of normally removing everything and installing a whole new set of them. Well, let me convince you why it is much better and convenient to just resurface your floor:

Less messy — no need to deal with flying dust around your space during the renovation which could be a health risk.

Saves time and money — you don’t have to remove every old tile, clean the exposed floor, but then install tiles. This process is tiring and costs too much.

No more dirty grout lines — say goodbye to the dirt that sticks between your old tiles which is both unpleasing to your eyes and to your health.

Stain-resistant — no marking will be left, leaving your floors flawless most of the time.

Easy to clean — smooth and saves uptime

Highly customizable — with today’s innovative methods and techniques, you could add life to your floor by adding colors and textures to it.

Long-lasting — means that you’re not just renovating for the short-term, you are making an investment!

Decorative concrete resurfacing can be done in your home, commercial or industrial space. Though in some cases, a concrete overlay may not be an option. Choosing this process is ideal only if the tile that the concrete will be overlaid is stable. If it loosens in the future, then the whole overlay will go with it. Always consult first with flooring specialists to know which solutions suit your floor best.

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